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Each project is guided and motivated 

by these four values in every step of the process.


Living your vision; what you say you do is exactly what you do.



Pragmatism is not at the opposite end of a spectrum from idealism. They both are their own spectrum. It is possible to be highly practical and highly idealistic at the same time.



The implementation of plans are a false summit if they do not achieve the results you set out to meet.



The bottom line of a nonprofit is not found on spread sheets, it is measured by the positive impact of the mission of the organization



I came up with the idea for True Summit when living in Denver, Colorado while spending my free time hiking in the Rocky Mountains. On some of the more difficult hikes, 14ers as they are call--peaks over 14,000ft-- there are often great overlooks before you reach the summit. If a person did not know, they could be satisfied that they had reached the top. In fact, these are false summits; it is not the true summit they set out for when they began their journey up the mountain. Hikers may not even get that far, if they have not properly prepared. It is a rigorous hike--you need to plan, you need proper attire and gear, you need to train, and you need to be fully engaged and ready for the hike. There can be unexpected challenges along the trail--fallen trees, flooded trails, loose rocks--and you have to figure out a new path to get around them. Some hikes may not go as you planned at all and you may even wonder to yourself why you are doing it in the first place. Getting to the summit keeps you moving, and the reward of reaching the top makes it all worth it.


This metaphor seemed quite fitting for running a nonprofit organization. The passion and energy of work for a nonprofit can quickly turn to disappointment and frustration if we lose sight of how to achieve the mission. There are always unexpected obstacles and new challenges to overcome. And there might be moments where you wonder if your organization will succeed. Sometimes all you need is a different strategy, more resources, better training, or new ways to engage your community. 

My approach to consulting embodies this metaphor. I start with learning the vision of the organization, and identifying what is needed to get you there; to reach your True Summit.

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